Case Studies


Packers and Movers

A leading packers and movers company in India has adopted Cloudagent for their contact center operations. They run a distributed contact center across 3 cities and managed from a single location. The average call handling time has come down by 80% since using Cloudagent.



One of the most reputed educational institute in India has deployed Cloudagent to provide support to student queries and manage admissions using intelligent IVR. Student satisfaction has been improved a lot as they are intelligently routed to the correct branch and their questions are answered faster.



Cloudagent was instrumental in helping the travel portal identify agent performance gaps. Interaction Analyst helped the decision makers to analyze the weekly performance of agents and update their processes.



A lot of ecommerce companies use Cloudagent for their contact center operations. Integration of Cloudagent into their CRMs is seamless to provide a 360 degree customer support functionality.


Health Care

One of the upcoming children care hospital uses Cloudagent to manage patient interactions. An intelligent appointment booking IVR welcomes the callers and connects them to the correct agents in the correct location.



An auto attendant system for handling peak call volumes was deployed to take care of the peak loads during admissions.


Customer Testimonials

We signed up with Ozonetel in July this year - the primary reason being that we were expanding to Hyderabad and Mumbai and had 5 more cities planned in 2013. Until July, we were using a solution that wouldn't allow us to use the cloud and have a seamless customer service experience across cities. We evaluated companies and found Ozonetel to be best suited for our needs. We now have an integrated call centre across 3 cities. The team is very good, support is timely and responsive, product enhancements/customisation have been addressed. "

author Hari Menon(Co-founder & CEO)