Manage complex contact routing in few clicks

Cloud Agent multi-tenant ACD enables multi-site contact center to work as one integrated virtual contact center. CloudAgent enables multi location distributed contacts centers routing contacts to available agents across the locations be it office or home. Cloudagent ACD offer Multi-Channel routing across the channels such as voice, email, social media. Cloud Agent reduces cost-per-customer inquiry and provides exceptional customer experience.

  • Intelligent Contact Routing
    Cloudagent enables intelligent contact routing to segment customer and identify the right destination for each contact. Cloudagent with its Open API can integrate with various business data sources to profile a customer and accordingly define contact treatment. Contacts can be routed across multiple site based on Caller ID, account numbers, private lists, balanced contacts count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, time-of-day, day-of-week etc. Cloudagent tags the user data with each contact recieved, as the contact flows through IVR, agents etc. All the data collected at diffrent touch points is added to contacts user data. This ensures that at each touch point customer is given an advance treatment based on associated contact data, instead of requesting the information again from the customer.
  • Skill Based Routing
    Businesses can group agents based on skills such as language, process expertise, agent location, Inbound, Outbound, non voice or blended agents. Multiple skills can be cascaded to setup primary and secondary sklls. Agent hunting in the skill can have multiple strategies such as most idle agent, first come first serve agent, round robin and more. IVR combined with ACD can route the contacts to the right skill for efficient contact treatment
  • Intelligent Universal Queue
    While all agents are busy, Queue holds the cutomer contact. CloudAgent queue allows businesses to configure custom queue messages, playback approximate hold time or position in the queue, define maximum queue time, provide queue expiry treatment such as callback or voicemail. Cloud agent queue can also be configured to send alerts for the contacts that drop in the queue. CloudAgent makes sure that no contact goes unnoticed.
  • Agent Contact Manager
    Agent contact manager allows administrator to setup functions that Agents use to answer and process ACD contacts, enabling administrator to completely customize the contact treatment as per the process requirement. Admin can define agent capabilities such as, Agent Login and Logout, Auxiliary Work Codes, Auto-in, Manual-in, After contact Work(ACW),Timed ACW (After contact Work) and much more

Businesses can build IVR app with simple web API

Cloudagent seamlessly integrates with KooKoo, a state of art cloud communication platform. Kookoo exposes simple web API for Call, SMS, Fax and Email control. Platform requires web application development skill to build custom self-service applications that can use Call, SMS, Fax and Email to provide complete suite of automated services integrated with Cloudagent for assisted services that require agent support.

  • Its on cloud
    Using KooKoo APIs, take advantage of your existing web development skills to build telephony apps, Scale on demand, Protect your investment from obsolescence and pay for only what you use. Leverage Kookoo to optimize your contact center, Enable automated closures in IVR, optimizing agents call handling time. Use the physical agents only for those contacts which require human intervention
  • Text to speech/ Language packs
    Kookoo's built in Indian English text to speech engine allows businesses to build IVR application with dynamic content that can be converted on the fly to voice and played back to the caller.
    Language packs allows dynamic values such as date, time, currency, digits, numeric etc. to be played back to the customer in multiple regional languages. Language packs use combination of professionally recorded audio clips to playback values, thus offering clear audio quality.
  • Dynamic IVR
    Build any complex IVR as a web application using Kookoo web API's. Integrate it with your backend and host it on your web application servers. KooKoo offers additional APIs to integrate with CloudAgent, providing businesses the complete control over the self-service application, ensuring complete data security
  • Multi Channel IVR Apps
    Kookoo offer multiple channels as Voice, Fax, SMS, Email all integrated and exposed as simple web API's. You can design a multi channel self-service applications, integrated with Cloud Agent to offer highly optimized, automated and complete user experience to your customer

Monitor Performance from anywhere anytime

CloudAgent Contact Center Dashboards provides real-time statistics of contact center performance. Supervisor can monitor one or more sites from Anywhere, Anytime over the web. This allows supervisors to easily monitor and manage distributed contact centers across locations.

  • System Dashboard
    System dashboard provides real time stats of all Inbound/Outbound campaigns.
    The supervisor can view in the live dashboard total contacts connected, total contacts abandoned, abandoned contact list, agents status etc.
    Dashboard also allows supervisor to barge in into any ongoing communication from anywhere using a land line or mobile phone. Supervisor can forcibly change the agent status from the dashboard .
  • Agent Dashboard
    Agent Dashboard provides stats per agent, per skill, per campaign. Dashboard provides agent details such as
    • Duration Agent is logged in
    • Duration for which Agent is in Pause mode with aux code
    • Duration an Agent is in ready mode waiting for contact
    • Duration Agent is busy with a contact with customer details
    • Agent Performance till day, calculated till the last 30 mins
    • Disposition report till current time today, calculated till the last 30 mins
    • Agent Login report till current time today, calculated till the last 30 mins
  • Real Time CDR
    CloudAgent provides CDR for the current day at real-time. Supervisor can audit the contacts with all CDR available near real-time with contact recordings. CDR provides various filters such as time duration, campaign, skill, agent, answered or abandoned contacts thus enabling to narrow down the records list that the supervisor wants to audit.

Historic Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

CloudAgent IA(Interaction Analyst) is contact center analytics tool bundled with CloudAgent. IA enables supervisor and decision makers to get the In-depth knowledge of their contact center . IA lets businesses know SLA performance, Agent Productivity, Overall Contact center productivity and customer satisfaction. You can also schedule the selected report to be delivered as email in your Inbox.

  • Dashboards
    Interaction Analyst provides dashboards for ready analysis of the contact center
    System dashboard provides
    • Over all contact recieved/answered
    • Contact disconnect reasons
    • Number of contacts transferred
    • SLA performance
    Performance dashboard provides
    • campaing performance
    • skill perfomance
    • agent performance
    Analytics dashboard provides
    • Contact center load analysis
    • Queue performance analysis
    • Abondoned contacts analysis
    • Active agent analysis
  • Reports
    Interaction Analyst provided reports on System,Agent, Queue, IVR etc. It includes more then 250 diffrent reports
    System reports provides
    • System Summary
    • System contacts
    • Contact summary
    • Contact status
    • Session Reports
    • Contact volumne
    • Disposition
    • Productivity
    Agent reports includes
    • Agent productivity
    • Agent performance
    • Agent disposition
    • Agent hourly contact
    • Agent Login
    • Agent breaks
    • Agent extension
    Queue summary reports, IVR reports etc thus providing a 360 degree view of the contact center to the management. Queue reports includes
    • Queue summary
    • Agents queue hourly
    IVR reports provide the details of the contact that closed in IVR and were never connected to any skill.
  • Analytics
    Interaction analyst provides analytics like agent productivity compared to contact center averagesInteraction analyst provides analytics for
    • Agent
    • System productivity
    • System performance

Integrated contact recording

Interaction Analyst provides integrated call recording, that allows supervisors to access the recording integrated with the CDR, providing complete information about a specific contact. Integrated quality monitoring tool, allows supervisors to judge and rate the agent perfromance on various process specific parameters. This helps isolate performance shortfalls and take corrective steps to rectify them, and align training to improve performance. This also provides early insights into customer expectations and behavioral trends, that helps decision makers align busienss strategies to keep up with business competitiveness.

  • Real-time Recording
    CloudAgent real-time CDR has contact recording accessible near real time. All recordings can be accessed using Admin portal with a max delay of 5 minute. Realtime recording helps supervisor to do audit offline, instead of barging into ongoing customer contacts, thus ensuring customer experience is not impacted due to barge in.
  • Historic Recording
    Interaction analyst provides historic recording upto 3 months. All recordings are archived after three months, businesses will also have option to archive it to your servers. All recording can be downloaded in bulk at any time using our API's.
  • Quality Monitoring
    Call recordings can be searched and narrowed down on various paramenter. Integrated Qualilty monitoring allows custom rating parameter to defined for each skill. Quality team while listening to recording can rate the performance with integrated scoring module. Quality Monitoring evaluation can be accessed as reports, and graphs that provides performance feedback. It enables quality teams to conduct evaluations streamlining and optimizing the way contact center should provide customer services. .

API exposing CloudAgent System Control and Data

CloudAgent Open API are web api that allow third party applications to be seamlessly integrated with CloudAgent

  • Open CTI API
    CTI API allows third party application to receive the events and event data from CloudAgent and define application action with respect to the events. Applications such as screen pop that pops up the customer details screen from your CRM, can be easily done using CTI API.
    If businesses want their CRM to be the central application to hold all the data about all customer interaction, CDR API allows businesses to attach the contact data and contact recording for the contact to the customer interaction history in your CRM. With all data consolidated in the CRM businesses have 360' view for customer interaction. Other API like get abandon contact list, can be used to quickly respond to the callsdropped in the queue
  • ACD Controller API
    ACD controller API allows businesses to control ACD functions. If businesses want to build a single sign-on using their crm, or want to have all agent toolbar features in their CRM, ACD controller API allows businesses to do it. It is a simple web API which allows to control campaigns, get agent information and much more
  • Dialer API
    Dialer feed API allows dialer to get the feed directly from your application, instead of uploading the data into the dialer. With your application integrated with dialer, your application commands a complete control and can automate the dialing process end-to-end. For e.g. system can use the abandoned contact API to get the list of contacts that dropped in queue and push them into the dialer to contact back the customers proactively. Dialer Control API allows to control the Campaigns such as making campaign online of offline based, getting campaign status etc.

Enables Agent to have complete contact control

Agent Control bar enables the Agent to control the contact, and tag the contacts for later analysis

  • Agent Features
    Agent can control the contact flow functions using the control bar. Command set includes Skill Login, Logout, Set State (Ready, Pause, ACW) and choose campaign type ( Inbound/Outbound/Non Voice/Blended)
  • Contact control Features
    These commands allows agent to answer contact, hold call, disconnect call, transfer call ( support various transfer type as Blind, Consultative, Consultative Advise), conference, manual outbound call.
  • Contact Tracking
    Contact tracking allows to get more information about the contact and tag or comment for later analysis. This includes screen pop, dispositions and comments for a contact.

Reach your customer proactively

CloudAgent supports both Inbound and Outboud campaigns. CloudAgent provides Preview dialer, Progressive Dialer, IVR dialer and Predictive dialer (to be available soon)

  • Preview Dialer
    Preview dialer offers campaign data one by one to the agents. The agent can look at the customer data before placing the call manually. Once the call is finished dialer automatically offers the next data. CloudAgent also provide a unique feature of Agent wise dialing that allows admin to predefine the data for each agent during campaign creation.
  • Progressive Dialer
    Progressive dialer is an automated dialer. Admin can setup the campaigns once by uploading data via an excel sheet and creating an outbound campaign.As the agents login and get into ready state dialer automatically starts dialing a contact for him, if a contact is successful it is connected to the agents phone. Progressive dialer will dial a contact only when an agent is available in Ready state. Dialer improves the productivity many times with automatically handling not connected contacts and giving the agent an option to utilize the time productively.
  • IVR Dialer
    IVR dialer is used for doing message broadcast such as payment reminder. With CloudAgent this can be any IVR built using kookoo APIs. Dialer will dial the contacts from the list uploaded in an excel sheet and if connected execute the IVR. IVR can also be extended to connect the contact to an inbound campaign if called party needs more information.
  • Predictive Dialer (Due for release)
    Predictive dialer is an automated dialer, key difference from Progressive dialer is that it dials more calls than the agents available. Based on various factor like contact handling time, drop ratio etc., the dialer predicts how many calls it should dial extra to keep the agent occupancy high. Predictive dialer is advisable for campaigns with more than 30 agents and large contact list.


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