CloudAgent offers Off-the-shelf integration with various CRM, Helpdesk, and Analytics products.

If you are using any of the listed products, you can get started immediately


Most of the popular CRM are integrated with Cloudagent. Full 360 degrees integration including custom IVRs using the CRM API, and all call details stored in the CRM makes your CRM central place to manage your customer relationship. Out of the box integrations enables CRM screens pops for customer details, case handling and call control from a single screen.


Help Desk Software

Play ticket details, display customer ticket details to agents, create tickets for calls etc. All these and more can be done using the Helpdesk software API and Cloudagent mashups.



Cloudagent is integrated with Analytics engine so that you can track your calls using the familiar Analytics reports. Advanced features can be used to analyze IVR call flows and call center performance


Customer Testimonials

We signed up with Ozonetel in July this year - the primary reason being that we were expanding to Hyderabad and Mumbai and had 5 more cities planned in 2013. Until July, we were using a solution that wouldn't allow us to use the cloud and have a seamless customer service experience across cities. We evaluated companies and found Ozonetel to be best suited for our needs. We now have an integrated call centre across 3 cities. The team is very good, support is timely and responsive, product enhancements/customisation have been addressed. "

author Hari Menon(Co-founder & CEO)